You can make a difference. It's time to take action for our older adults and people with disabilities living in California. 

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Low SSI/SSP grant levels have left millions of Californians hungry, homeless or with extraordinary housing cost burdens, unable to afford medical care, and without access to the basics like clothing, transportation, or the ability to take care of basic needs like doing laundry or buying hygiene items. 

Join us by signing this petition and telling our state policy-makers to take action and improve SSI/SSP.  

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What would $200 more a month mean for your life? Would it be the difference between food and filling you prescription? 
By telling your story, you agree to let CA4SSI coalition members use your story in materials and testimony in front of the state legislature. You understand that you may also be contacted by media who would like to hear your story. If you do not wish to speak to media or use your real name, please let us know in the comment box. Unfortunately, we will not be able to respond to each message received. We cannot provide legal counsel or supportive services regarding individual benefit situations.
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