Seniors and people with disabilities who receive SSI can be eligible for CalFresh in summer 2019.

Many Californians are enjoying prosperous times, but 1.3 million older adults & people with disabilities are worse off than ever. Due to 2009-era cuts to SSI, California's poorest older adults and people with disabilities are hanging on by a thread.

I don’t feel like the world or society has been fair to me at all. I worked hard for years. I did what I was supposed to do. Yet every day is hell for me. I’m scared to death.
— Benny
They give you enough so you can stay alive, but still struggle and be in pain. It’s not enough to have any quality of life.
— Sharon
If we didn’t have extra help from the Food Bank we would starve. Not to mention soap, toothpaste, toilet paper — stuff you need to survive. I’m just a paycheck away from being homeless.
— Angel
The worst thing about SSI cuts is that it’s prevented me from being able to build equity and move out of poverty. I haven’t been able to save any money.
— Nadine

It’s time for Governor Newsom to reverse the cuts to California’s SSI program.

No older adult or person with a disability should be living below the poverty line while other Californians reap the benefits of a better economy.